To Err is Devine

The folowing is satire, and will not make sense unless you have read this disturbing, ridiculous, selfish, dangerous and infuriating article by Miranda Devine, entitled Roads are for cars, not lycra louts .

Whoever made up the Fairfax motto To Err is Devine has a lot to answer for. It’s a big fat lie. SMH is built for people with conscience and reading comprehension. Pretending otherwise is unfair to columnists and readers alike. Continue reading To Err is Devine

the left-wing moral shortfall.

“Imagine visiting a town,” Dr. Jonathon Haidt writes, “where people wear no clothes, never bathe, have sex in public, and eat raw meat by biting off pieces directly from the carcass.”


Dr Haidt’s site is, where i got my fibre tested. I’m the green bars. You can see that I consider Harm and Fairness to be important moral values. I am less convinced on Loyalty, Authority, and Purity, as moral values.

The main point of the graph is not that my low scores reveal me as base, ill-bred and exquisitely suited to a career in politics. Continue reading the left-wing moral shortfall.

Clay Shirky’s “cognitive surplus”

There are people with brains, and there are people with time on their hands.  Sometimes these are the same people.  People like you.  Sure you read the paper and listen to the radio, and watch Two and a Half Men (how funny is the little kid!?) But you also deploy your surplus cognition actively: You edit Wikipedia, comment on blogs, write blogs, make Youtube videos, and play games.

Clay’s point is this: For too long, mainstream media has been on stage, delivering its monologue. People are rolling their eyes. We’re starting to heckle. The show’s not even over and half the crowd has headed to the after-party. Continue reading Clay Shirky’s “cognitive surplus”

Stay cool.

I have advocated building a big mirror in the Australian outback, to reflect a whole lot of sunlight back into space and counter the effects of global warming. My preferred construction technique was a nuclear blast that would melt the sand to glass.  Happily, this would also create a nuclear winter that could be the extra surge we need in the race to cool the planet.

I was drunk at the time.

Continue reading Stay cool.

A stab in the back for the heart of the nation.

I had three people bag Canberra to me today. First, I watched a video embedded in this link, in which Former Prime Minister Keating described it as ‘a great mistake’. Malcolm Fraser then described Parliament House as ‘not meritorious in itself’. He was trying his hardest to be nice.

FIve minutes later I was instant messaged by a friend who lives there. Unprompted, she concurred, delivering the pithy soundbite they were aiming at: ‘the can sucks… :( ‘

And it’s true. Continue reading A stab in the back for the heart of the nation.

Helmet Hair Hypothesis

Think about head hair. Everyone says it exists to keep our heads warm.

But as skin colour has adapted to the sun, head hair remains, from the Inuits to the Arabs to the Melanesians.  Why?

Maybe head hair actually has a ‘helmet effect’ where it deflects/absorbs hits to the head. It would be evolutionarily adaptive. if you look at hair, it covers the area of the brain neatly (except the forehead). Continue reading Helmet Hair Hypothesis

NFL, AFL, cycling and helmets.

Malcolm Gladwell has written an article in the New Yorker that makes me think about cycling. The article is about American Football (NFL) players suffering brain injuries. They have a heap of head-on collisions that cause major damage to their brains. In both training and games, they regularly suffer impacts equivalent to decelerations of around 100 G-force.

NFL players report a rate of dementia 5 times that of the rest of the population. Continue reading NFL, AFL, cycling and helmets.