What to do with a Southern Cross tattoo?

There’s a handful of stars that are very very far from each other, but when you look from a certain place we call earth, they make the shape of a cross.

It’s the most identifiable constellation in the Southern sky.  It’s a nice symbol.  Australia’s indigenous people navigated by it.  It’s on our flag, as well as the Kiwis’ and half the states in the Pacific.

I kind of liked the idea of a Southern Cross tattoo about five years ago.

But recently, it’s started appearing on bumper stickers and tattoos that make me feel a bit queasy.

(What is it about that font that so effectively implies a threat?)

Now this fella called Warwick is in the paper saying that we shouldn’t let the Southern Cross become a Swastika:


My first thought was: Over-reaction!

But I guess the Swastika was a neutral symbol before it was associated with National Socialism and their expansionist-genocidal agenda.

Maybe the man has a point.  The Southern Cross is on our flag, but it’s a steep slippery staircase from the Lookout at National Pride down to the Valley of Nationalism.

How can you take a symbol back? Maybe I should take a deep breath and get inked…. If enough people like me (skinny nerdy, not-racist) got the southern cross tatt, would its power decline?  Indicate below if you think I should ink!

Meanwhile, some further reading:  Check out this article from the peeps at things bogans like…

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5 thoughts on “What to do with a Southern Cross tattoo?”

  1. get the tat mate! the reactions you’d get would make a very interesting case study, even if it didn’t catch on. it’d have to be visible though- no hiding it under you shirt. I suggest your forearm.

    I was actually considering getting one (of a different, much geekier design), if you need moral support


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