January weight loss wrap-up and future pledge

Many readers of this blog will be aware of the weight-loss challenge I undertook in January – to lose 4 kilograms.

The challenge got interesting because of the unusual motivation I chose. If I failed to shed the flab, I would owe the Australian Motoring Enthuisasts Party $500.

A lot was on the line. I updated my daily weight loss page, and even the Guardian took an interest, publishing a story I wrote about the challenge.

So it is with pleasure that I announce that the challenge has been successfully completed. I had to get from 78.5 kg to 74.5 kg, and I surpassed the goal.


The blue bars represent my daily food intake in KJ. I averaged just under 8000, a big discount on my real-life intake of probably closer to 12000-15000. There was plenty of cycling, walking and strength exercises during the month too. But of course it was easier to lose the first few kilos than the last few. And the peaks of the blue lines toward the end show that superhuman feats of self-control are hard to keep up, especially on Australia Day.

The use of the Motoring Enthusiasts Party as a motivator was a spectacular success, the only downside perhaps being a commentator on the Guardian Piece who wrote:

“I pledge to give $2,000 to the Australian Motoring Enthusiasts Party if Jason Murphy looses weight this month.”

Nevertheless, his pledge did not impede me and I trust his cheque has already arrived at AMEP HQ.

Now the challenge is to not put the weight back on. To that end I make another pledge. To weigh less than 74 kg (i.e. my current weight) at the end of February.  I will put $100 on the line this time and I open up the comments section to suggestions on who the money should be kept from…

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5 thoughts on “January weight loss wrap-up and future pledge”

  1. Okay, I googled “family first australia”, thinking an innocuous wee anti-abortion-women-gays organisation (cf. family first nz) might provide good motivational fodder, so am shocked to learn it is a represented political entity. I now better understand your mistrust of South Australia… Too easy a target for current project perhaps: how about a subscription to Daily Telegraph? The print version, that would arrive to your doorstep every morning.


      1. Whales. You can buy an annual membership for only 2000 yen ($22 AUD). Actually you could buy it in person!


  2. Hey Jason,
    I was on the hunt for weight loss materials today and found this post on your website.
    Thank you for this informative article. I will use some of its points to complete a new writing on my fitness blog.
    Again, thank you for this article!


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