Warm summer salad

(Apologies to all antipodeans for my being in sunny California!)

Like any normal person, I don’t think about what I want to eat during the week, and buy accordingly. I buy the things I always buy, and then try to cook them. Continue reading Warm summer salad

ALP in danger

What we thought we knew has been confirmed. The ALP is controlled by factions. The faction with the most power seems to be the NSW right. They turned over the leader as soon as his popularity started to dip. So far so good. Continue reading ALP in danger

A big hint that a cyclist is on the gear…

Alexander Vinokourov won stage 13 of Le Tour today with a late stage attack. He jumped clear at the bottom of a small climb 10 km from the finish. He managed to hold a 10-second advantage over the sprinter’s teams who were probably driving the peloton at speeds approaching 60-65 km/hour on the flat.

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Resuming our regular programming

I know you’re frightened to see such a publicly display of man-love as the fat controller put on show in that last post.  I know it was every bit as gut-retching as he imagined it was heart-wrenching. I know, and I’m sorry.  This hasty post is designed to move it down the page, post-haste, for the good of the internets, hallowed be their name.

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Putting the word out for a Lance Armstrong YouTube montage

As you may be aware, Lance Armstrong lost almost 12 minutes to his general classification adversaries on Sunday’s mountainous Le Tour stage. Dreams of an eighth overall victory have evaporated. Continue reading Putting the word out for a Lance Armstrong YouTube montage

What Adam Bandt owes to Harold Hotelling

Adam Bandt is the Australian Greens candidate for the seat of Melbourne. Continue reading What Adam Bandt owes to Harold Hotelling

Crashes are cycling’s yellow card

Wouldn’t it be great if soccer matches were decided only by skill and ability? But dives and handballs are inevitable when 22 dudes are making split-second decisions with the single objective of maximising their team’s chance of winning. Continue reading Crashes are cycling’s yellow card

Canadian astronomers discover the world’s smallest planet!

The ABC reports on this momentously tiny discovery:

According to the scale bar, the planet is only 1/10 of 1 inch in diameter.

tiny tiny tiny planet

I wonder if Paul Davies has begun scouring its 50 square mm surface for signs of intelligent life?