Let me tell you / how it will be / There’s one for you / nineteen for me …

Ooh-ooh I’m the taxman.

Ken Henry is a dude from Taree.  He likes wombats.  He is also the head of the Treasury.  The Treasurer asked him to do a big old review into what’s what in the tax system, and what we should do next.

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What to do with a Southern Cross tattoo?

There’s a handful of stars that are very very far from each other, but when you look from a certain place we call earth, they make the shape of a cross.

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Free Alcohol

If you could get alcohol for free, what would happen?

I thought so.  But this was a thought experiment, not a party invite.  Consider this: the Government bans alcohol and then makes it available for free at pharmacies, in regulated doses to registered people.  Kind of like some people propose for illegal narcotics. What would happen?  Would we still drink? Would alcohol still have allure? Continue reading Free Alcohol

Haiti and three kinds of development aid

Haiti was hit by an earthquake of magnitude 7.0 last week.  The death toll estimate in this morning’s newspaper stands at 200,000.  We can only hope that the estimate cycle is at its peak, and it will be revised down later.

Earthquakes registering on the Richter Scale at 7.0 are rare but not unheard of.  There were 16 Earthquakes of this magnitude or more in 2009.  Six people died in Japan when an earthquake measuring 6.8 hit there recently.  The  disaster is as much the poverty and ill-rule in Haiti.

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Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal looks like this.
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It’s a mausoleum, which means there’s dead people in there.  Dead person number 1 is Mumtaz Mahal.  Mumtaz was the wife of the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, and he built the Taj Mahal for the sole purpose of housing her dead body.  He really liked her a lot.  Then, when he died, his son installed him in there alongside his lady.  The Emperor was the second and final person stowed in there. Continue reading Taj Mahal