A new Australian flag

Talk about replacing our national standard has ebbed, waned, diminished and frankly, flagged.

So I thought I’d spark debate by throwing this one into the mix. Its design is based on the indigenous flag. It’s a simple, timeless flag that doesn’t try to look sharp and contemporary, because those factors will fade quickly.

It comprises:

Red, representing the land and its first people;
Blue for the sea and the people who’ve come across it, and
As the centre piece, the seven-pointed star of federation, representing our democracy.


On the upside, it looks like a sunrise, and nobody will get confused between us and the Kiwis. On the downside, it doesn’t contain the southern cross, and is faintly reminiscent of Cuba and Puerto Rico.

This flag was made using this website http://www.wearemulticolored.com. Make one yourself and once you click save, link to it in the comments below! Pop in a quick explanation for it too.

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4 thoughts on “A new Australian flag”

  1. I’d probably go with ochre instead of red, and the southern cross in place of the federation star. Though in reality, anything would be better than the current flag, and I’d go with any flag that didn’t feature the Union Jack.


  2. I think the southern cross means more to Australians and is more identifiable than the seven pointed federation star. How about the centre line rises to form a large smooth rock in the middle a la Ayers Rock? again identifiably Australian.


  3. Not Quite mate …

    Looks a bit like the flag of Texas or maybe North Vietnam !

    Do you know what Australias National colors are ?


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