A plea for an end to this vile injustice

On Saturday night, 24 minutes into the World Cup match against Ghana, Australia’s soccer public was sent into a spiral of confusion, anger, doubt and foul language, with the sending off of marquee player Harry Kewell. Continue reading A plea for an end to this vile injustice

America + Football = Progress?

I’ve just found out about this:  American Footy Star! It’s a genuine talent search wrapped up in a shiny reality TV show, and I love it. Putting NBA basketballers in the AFL was once purely hypothetical but now may be a reality.

It will increase the chance of recruiting dextrous, strong, tall ball players who can’t quite make the NFL / NBA.  It will also take another tiny step to building a global appreciation for AFL. Continue reading America + Football = Progress?

NFL, AFL, cycling and helmets.


Malcolm Gladwell has written an article in the New Yorker that makes me think about cycling. The article is about American Football (NFL) players suffering brain injuries. They have a heap of head-on collisions that cause major damage to their brains. In both training and games, they regularly suffer impacts equivalent to decelerations of around 100 G-force.

NFL players report a rate of dementia 5 times that of the rest of the population. Continue reading NFL, AFL, cycling and helmets.

The Grand Final

Tomorrow is the Grand Final. If you live in Melbourne you already know. It’s all over the newspapers, the news, the radio and now the internet too.

Two teams face off. The Geelong Football Club – the Cats

The St Kilda Football Club – the Saints

Continue reading The Grand Final

Out for the count

What’s the point of football stats? If stats aren’t telling us something about who’s winning or who’s playing well, then it’s like counting the number of advertising stickers on the winning F1 car.

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