Who is your favourite independent?

graphic from the ABC website

I must admit, I am growing fond of them all! In a political sense (there is no getting around the fact that they are all white males), I think this group broadly reflects the range of Australian values.

I own a seven year old mobile phone

A bit of the face fell off a couple of weeks ago. It is beginning to look like Arnie at the end of the Terminator films. Continue reading I own a seven year old mobile phone

Can Bison cross rivers?

"It's ok, my feet can still touch the ground"
"Whoops, it's a bit deeper here!"
"See, I made it look easy"

OMG!!! Bison update!!! The scientific name of these Bison is…


Post electoral uncertainty and the role of naivety

Rob Oakeshott’s plan for a mix and match government is far more clever than people give him credit for. Continue reading Post electoral uncertainty and the role of naivety

Character actors one and all

As a result of watching a lot of American television shows and movies, familiar-looking American faces seem to pop up everywhere: the uncle, the best friend, the sister, the neighbour, the put-upon wife, the drug dealer, the politician, the cop, the bar tender. I see these people every time I get on a train in Oakland. Continue reading Character actors one and all

And that’s when I realised that almost everything makes no sense.

I’ve made mistakes in life.  Many have been the result of too little coffee, too much alcohol or not wearing clean underpants.  But some have been mistakes of logic.  I want to stop making the logical mistakes at least, so I’ve been thinking.  Here’s where I got up to: Continue reading And that’s when I realised that almost everything makes no sense.

Is Dick Smith being ironic?

Counter culture radical, Dick Smith, the man whose face adorns a chain of consumer electronics stores across Australia, as well as untold millions of jars full of processed peanut fat, has launched a campaign to cut consumption. Continue reading Is Dick Smith being ironic?

Are you bear aware?

We are heading up to Yellowstone National Park next week. With a population of about 600 Grizzly Bears (they’re the big ones, compared to the Black Bears in Yosemite), I thought it was time to become bear aware. Continue reading Are you bear aware?

Why Americans are fat

So, it turns out I didn’t know how long it takes to boil corn.

With the corn already on the stove, I entered the words ‘boil corn’ in google and clicked on the first result, from our friends at joyfulabode.com. They claim to know ‘how to boil corn perfectly‘. Continue reading Why Americans are fat