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When Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey says Malcolm Turnbull has his “absolute unqualified support“, you know it’s only a matter of moments before more political blood is spilled.

For example, here’s Turnbull pledging support to Nelson.

Here’s Rudd pledging support to Beazley.

Here’s Beazley ‘absolutely’ backing Latham.

And Here’s Latham Backing Crean.

Turnbull may be shiny, glamorous, a famous capitalist and a millionaire, but I suspect he holds no appeal to the Liberal heartland. They have proven they like their leaders squat and dowdy rather than tall and smug:

[picapp class=”alignright” src=”4/5/b/4/Liberal_Party_Launch_68f2.jpg?adImageId=4856625&imageId=3535522″ width=”220″ height=”160″ /]

From 2002 to 2005, both Hockey and Rudd appeared on the popular Sunrise breakfast TV program, with ‘Mel and Kochie’. There is a funny/excruciating set of excerpts on youtube. This show is apparently not much watched by the so-called elites, but highly popular in the rest of Australia.

It may go some way to explaining Rudd’s transition from apparent obscurity to unprecedentedly popular PM. With Costello gone, Hockey is now the most popular choice to lead the Liberal party, according to this Nielsen Poll (August 2009).

Could this be the face of the next PM?

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