A big hint that a cyclist is on the gear…

Alexander Vinokourov won stage 13 of Le Tour today with a late stage attack. He jumped clear at the bottom of a small climb 10 km from the finish. He managed to hold a 10-second advantage over the sprinter’s teams who were probably driving the peloton at speeds approaching 60-65 km/hour on the flat.

Needless to say that one rider maintaining a 10 second advantage (for 5 kilometers) over a peloton that is accelerating for a sprint finish requires quite an effort.

Vinokourov, c/o cyclingnews

That does not necessarily mean he is on the gear though. But the fact that he spent the entire previous stage also in a breakaway makes makes me a bit suspicious.

Vino driving yesterday’s breakaway, c/o cyclingnews

Riding in a breakaway uses more energy than riding in the peloton, so riding 150km in a breakaway one day, generally means you will be shattered the next day.

In 2008 a guy called Stefan Schumacher seemed to be in every breakaway. Then, amazingly, he starting winning time trials too. A few weeks later, he was busted for being on EPO.

So here is TTTE’s first Tour prediction. Vino is back on the gear (oh yeah, he’s been suspended before).

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