Why Americans are fat

So, it turns out I didn’t know how long it takes to boil corn.

With the corn already on the stove, I entered the words ‘boil corn’ in google and clicked on the first result, from our friends at joyfulabode.com. They claim to know ‘how to boil corn perfectly‘. Continue reading Why Americans are fat

Warm summer salad

(Apologies to all antipodeans for my being in sunny California!)

Like any normal person, I don’t think about what I want to eat during the week, and buy accordingly. I buy the things I always buy, and then try to cook them. Continue reading Warm summer salad

Feeding the engine.

Take my word for it folks, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you have aspirations of being a skinny dude and want to skip a meal, heed not the words of Claudia Schiffer, skip dinner. Breakfast is holy. Continue reading Feeding the engine.