Putting the word out for a Lance Armstrong YouTube montage

As you may be aware, Lance Armstrong lost almost 12 minutes to his general classification adversaries on Sunday’s mountainous Le Tour stage. Dreams of an eighth overall victory have evaporated.

I think the only reasonable response to such a situation is to announce a request for tenders to develop a YouTube video montage of Lance Armstrong’s Le Tour career.

workshopping the montage

The montage obviously needs a soundtrack and I defy anybody to nominate a more fitting tune than U2’s ‘With or without you’. Thus you have 4:58 to play with. He’s what I am seeing:

(Adam Clayton bass line) ‘dum dum dum dum dum… dum dum dum dum…’

Some pre-cancer stills, maybe World Championship footage.

As Bono starts singing… ‘see the stone set in your eyes… sleight of hand and twist of fate…’

Some chemo-bald Lance stills, Eddy Merckx visiting Lance in hospital, getting married to Kristin.

‘through the storm we reach the shore’

1999 Le Tour victory stills, footage of the attack on Sestriere.

‘with or without you… with or without you

You have some freedom in the next two versus to select appropriate footage from 2000-2005. Suffice to say the ‘Jan Ullrich look-around’, the ‘yellow musette hooked on the handlebar crash’ and the ‘ride through the field’ are mandatory inclusions.

‘nothing to win and nothing left to loose’

It should go without saying that this should be an especially poignant scene.

‘with or without you… with or without you…’

Footage from the comeback, podium stills from the 2009 Le Tour.

‘Ohhhh Ohhhhh oh Ohhhhhhh’

This year’s Le Tour. Lance beating Contador in the prologue cutting to the double puncture on stage 3 on the pave, then getting passed by Contador. Stage 8 crashes, waiting for a new bike, covered in gauze, chasing back to the peloton, getting dropped. Lance crosses the Morzine finish line at +11:45.

Fade out with Lance victory salutes.

This thing practically writes itself.

5 thoughts on “Putting the word out for a Lance Armstrong YouTube montage”

  1. I don’t know what picture you are looking at, my picture is of Bono and Lance. Stick to making scones, boss.


  2. Ah. My eyes were bleeding, so I had to look at it in braille. I was sick because the mere thought of the montage that you… oh no!… baaaaaaaarff.


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