Bloglite – A new word: statriotic

Adjective: To be devoted to one’s State, as in Oregonians are very statriotic.

We were driving through Oregon yesterday. We must have seen this sticker about 50 times.


The word ‘statriotic’ was coined by Mrs TFC after we saw sticker #20.

As an aside, how come Americans can enunciate the word Oregon properly, but they are so flummoxed by the word ‘oregano’?

6 thoughts on “Bloglite – A new word: statriotic”

  1. Oregonians are easily flummoxed. They’ll look equally puzzled when Australians say ‘basil’. Or better yet, get an Australian to say: Yosemite, chihuahua or La Jolla. That’s always fun. Watch out for the state troopers, they like to give speeding tickets to anyone with Californian plates, and your accent won’t save you.


    1. Hi Zachary,
      Sorry we missed you the first time, but we are driving back through the greatest state ever on Saturday. Maybe we could have lunch in Bend?


  2. …and you mean “pronounce”, not “enunciate”.

    Enunciate is the opposite of mumble, as in “please enunciate more clearly, you overly statriotic Oregonian”.


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