Character actors one and all

As a result of watching a lot of American television shows and movies, familiar-looking American faces seem to pop up everywhere: the uncle, the best friend, the sister, the neighbour, the put-upon wife, the drug dealer, the politician, the cop, the bar tender. I see these people every time I get on a train in Oakland.

I could have re-cast The Wire five or six times by now.

There are many different flavours of blue collar dodgy character in American cinema and television. The entire spectrum of which can be found at the Econolodge, Kelso, Washington State.

If you are a casting agent in need of dodgy-looking extras for the next gritty urban drama, look no further. Especially if you are filming on a tight budget, these character actors will bring their own costumes, cars, dogs and guns.

The hotel was fine (really) and the folks behind the front desk were very friendly. But I am not the only one who thought the scene was primed for the camera. Here are some great quotes from other guests on tripadvisor:

(one guy) kept suspiciously peaking out from the fully drawn curtains as a large number (of) sketchy characters came in and out of the room almost continuously

we came back after dinner to see a SWAT team outside

weird people knocking on my door at 2&3am in the morning

my favourite…

a guy passed out on a table at 6pm with three cans of Pringles and a case of PBR beside him. We peaked in later to make sure he wasn’t dead (he wasn’t).


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