Blog-lite, Starbucks in Nevada

Looks good doesn't it...

TTTE was none too impressed when Starbucks started showing up in its home town. Mocking references to “double orange mocha frappucinos” and “Starf**ks” were made on more than one occasion. But your correspondent didn’t just talk the talk, (other than one frustrating attempt to steal their wireless internet) TTTE had never set a foot inside one of their their faux-local, espresso by numbers, globe gobbling outlets.

That all changed today, at Breakfast time.

TTTE was in the vicinity of Elko, Nevada, a small town with few eating options. A Starbucks was spotted.  Skepticism reigned.


If you follow the simple rules, Starbucks coffee is good. Astonishingly, the food was great too. If we had been served the same in any other cafe or restaurant (in rural Nevada or elsewhere), we would have been rapt.

First, a double espresso is simple and effective. They do some pretty wacky stuff with the milk in Starbucks, not to mention the syrups – avoid the temptation to get a litre of hazelnutty milk. Second, ask for proper ceramic cups, their default option is plastic – which is obviously a no no.  TTTE also ordered the huevos racheros burrito which was super tasty and total price was $5.46.  You don’t need to have lost your shirt in Las Vegas to know that’s a BARGAIN!

We were so happy with our coffees, we resolved to buy another round. The tiny espresso cups were returned to the counter (they only had four of them in the building, so they needed to be washed before round two). The friendly girl behind the counter said that as she forgot to include the non-plastic cup discount the first time, round two was free!

Starbucks, you’ve achieved the unexpected.  While some might say that exceeding expectations in Elko is easy, I prefer to give props to the barista and the homogenous global corporate culture that circumscribes their ability to screw things up.

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