ANZ logo looks like…

This is the new ANZ logo.

Which, every time I see it, evokes this…

Was Edvard Munch a customer?  Did he have a small business loan?  A term deposit?  Perhaps he occasionally visited a branch.  In any case, it’s clear why ANZ went to him for inspiration. It was so obviously time to replace this divisive, confusing, hateful bit of corporate signage that their customers had been railing against for years.

I seriously wonder if someone from MC Saatchi had an ANZ account and was out to sabotage them. Noone could, in good faith, design a logo so bad, could they? The internet also compares the new blobs to a pig and a birth canal. Charming.

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6 thoughts on “ANZ logo looks like…”

  1. Here’s the explanation:

    The three shapes in the new signage reflect ANZ’s three core markets – Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific – while the central human shape represents customers and staff.

    Apparently it took 18 months of research. Seriously, where can I get a job where I can take 18 months to produce that rubbish? I want in.


  2. Don’t believe the marketing hype! It has nothing to do with ANZ’s three core markets but actually it’s two tacos underneath a croissant – all steeped in a blue preservative to maintain freshness.


  3. Love it. Fantastic. (The Munsch connection, not the logo, silly). I mean, silly bank.

    But No, no – you are wrong.
    It’s the “feed the hungry bank with your money or we’ll punch you head in” logo — see how the little hollering human (feed me!) is wearing boxing glove thinggies (or else)?

    It was MEANT to remind us (in the ANZ’s own Proprietary Colour — Cheesh, really) that the ANZ is human and rerally loves us, just like this:

    I wub you, I wub you
    Said the Little Blue Man
    I wub you, I wub you to bits!
    I wub you!
    He loves me,
    Said the Little Blue Man
    And scared me right out of my wits.

    (There was a song to that effect many decades ago. She ends up pushing him off a building because he is so irritating and persistent, and even after she has pushed himm off the rooftop he sings to her all the way down …

    etc. You get the picture.


  4. OR … on second thoughts –

    Someone having a mammogram. You know (well, YOU wouldn’t), you get squashed between two thinck metal plates

    the effect is just those kinda pancakey things — and you want to scream.


  5. To me the logo is another case of the ridiculous $15000000 it cost and it looks like two nuts and a penis so the guy who designed it has an excellent subconscious sense of humour its the view you would have if some one was pissing on you how apt for a bank


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