January 2014 weight loss challenge

EDIT 24 January: I wrote up the challenge and the Guardian ran the story on their website!

The challenge is on. Can I lose four (4) kilos by February 1? I’m so eager to make sure the answer is yes I’ve made some big consequences for myself, that you can read about in this post.

As promised here is the data to track my progress:

December 31 weigh-in. This is the calibration weight: 78.5kg
December 31 weigh-in. This is the calibration weight: 78.5kg
1 jan scales
New Year’s day. Full of roast duck and toxins, I’m up to 80kg! oh dear.
jan 2 scales
January 2…. back to where we started.
3 jan scales
January 3, progress! The hunger games are paying off.
4 jan scales
And progress slows. I’ve done this before and learned there’s an easy kilo to lose at the start before the hard work begins.
scale jan 5
Jan 5: After a bit of cycling yesterday
scales jan 6
Jan 6: I was cranky from hungry yesterday afternoon.
scales jan 72
One week in, just under 76kg. It’s all going faster than I expected. I anticipate a plateau any day…
scales jan 8
January 8. Up a bit. I think I was dehydrated yesterday.

FYI. Here’s how I track my food. There’s no daily calorie goal, just a general attempt to limit things.


scales jan 9
January 9. Just above 76 kg.
scales 10 jan
10 January. Up a bit despite a long walk and lots of hungry. Welcome to the plateau.
scales jan 11
Jan 11: 76.5kg. Still.
Scales jan 12.
Scales jan 12. No net progress in six days! #notworried
scales jan 13
January 13. A new low!
scales jan 14
January 14: 75.5 kg
January 15. Halfway through January, but over halfway to weight loss goal. :)
January 15. Halfway through January, but over halfway to weight loss goal. :)
scales jan 16
January 16. Steady is good, considering how much pizza I ate last night.
Scales Jan 18
Scales Jan 18 – approaching target weight!
scales sundy jan 19
Sunday January 19. 75kg
scales monday jan 20
Scales, Monday January 20. Have hit target!

Is that it? Can I go back to a diet of peanut M&Ms and Four N Twenty Pies? A close look at the way this challenge is set up says no. I need to come in at or under this weight on February 1. I’m sticking at it…

 Jan 21
Jan 21
January 22
January 22
January 23
January 23: 74kg
scales jan 24
Scales Jan 24: 74ish kg
scales jan 25
January 25
scales jan 26
Jan 26, pre Australia Day bbq.
scales jan 27
Jan 27, post-Australia Day BBQ
scales jan 28
January 28 – 73.5kg. I’m ahead of schedule!
scales jan 29
Jan 29.
January 30. 74-point-something
January 30. 74-point-something
scales jan 31
The penultimate photo… 74.something kg. Not quite the buffer I was hoping for, but perhaps 300g in the clear. One more hungry arvo and I will be okay!
scales february 1
February 1. Challenge Over. Money Saved. Phew!

8 thoughts on “January 2014 weight loss challenge”

  1. I reckon you’re pretty close to the same build and height as me and cracking 75kg is going to be really tough, especially if you’re exercising and building muscle.


  2. I like your thinking and am tempted to try employing it for my much larger weight loss project. Your starting weight is roughly what my target weight would be. Going to give this some thought.


    1. I recommend it. Although a big all or nothing bet might be too stressful. A fresh bet on every 5kg might be the trick!


  3. Strong work – hope you keep it off. I find shame a bigger incentive than hate. So I ‘externalise my conscience’ – telling all my friends and colleagues “I’m going for a run this weekend” or “I’m giving up Reese’s Pieces this month”. That way on the Monday when asked “how did the run go?” I’ll have the shame of having to admit I stayed in bed/couldn’t be arsed…


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