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I’ve written three book proposals in the last six years.

The first one failed after an agonising process. The second one failed far more completely and spectacularly. The third one though?

The third one just turned into this…

Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 11.34.30 AM

And I’m suddenly on giant roller-coaster of anxiety and excitement… !!

  • Seventy-thousand words to write by the end of the year. (Actually probably more to allow for editing down. Eek!)
  • Topic: incentives. (Suggestions for chapters gladly accepted…)
  • Goal: write something I’m proud of.
  • Sub-goal: write something lots of people want to buy!

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Thomas the Think Engine is the blog of a trained economist. It comes to you from Melbourne Australia.

24 thoughts on “Thomas the Book Engine”

    1. Ha! You’re right no doubt. I anticipate a lot of tormented weekends spent at the computer as the year goes on…


  1. Congratulations Jason/ Thomas

    I really enjoy your thoughttful posts, so I’m sure the book with be great. No pressure :)


    Sophie Wallis


    1. Hi Heather! I’ve just learned about the BX conference and I’m going to try to see if I can attend as media. Perhaps we can chat there!


  2. Sounds intriguing, following the incentive trail: they drive everything! The unexpected incentives might be worth exploring: what employers, purchasers and governments unwittingly create incentives for by their actual behaviour (and not their espousal).

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  3. I’d be interested in the economics behind twitch streaming. Twitch is where people live streaming a past time to an audience. The past time is usually gaming, however, people play music, draw, write code, knit. was bought by Amazon last year and people are making a living from it. Recently an ABC presenter and personality quit his job to be a full time twitch streamer. There are also professors of music taking donations to play songs on stream. The base revenue is a subscription model where the subscriber pays $5 a month, with a 50/50 split between streamer and the platform.

    However the majority of revenue is from people donating money and they have a message read out on the stream via a text to voice synthesised voice. I see this as an “attention based economy” where the person who paid gets the attention of the streamer and the people in the chat.

    To see examples of twitch I would suggest and as a starting point.

    The interesting part is that it harks back to the day of patronage in the arts and science in Florentine society. Galileo benefitted from the patronage of both the Marchese del Monte and the Grand Duke of Tuscany, Cosimo II de Medici. What is old is new again, instead of being a couple of rich old dudes, it’s the coins of the masses through the internet.

    Most streamers raise money for charity. Some have ability to raise $2k in 30 minutes.

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    1. Thanks Joe
      I’ve heard a lot about Twitch. Have not checked it out yet but the longer that goes the more I feel like a luddite so I will soon!


  4. I remember reading Paul Ormerod in high school and struggling to understand his metaphors. Please don’t be like Paul. Clive Hamilton was cool for a while, until it felt like he felt the need to be drier in his writing. I’ve been reading your work for a while on the down-low, between the blog and your news articles. I’m so excited for a book, because your articles always leave me wanting more. Economics is so interesting, a beautiful jumble of people and politics and psychology and history and silliness. I hope when you write your book you tell a story about the beautiful chaos that is Economics. I look forward to when it comes out.


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