Recent work: A compilation of links

I haven’t been updating the blog quite as often as I would have liked but I haven’t been totally idle either. Here’s a few pieces I’ve written in recent times for other outlets.


With Silk Road iced, budding entrepreneurs bluntly selling drugs online* (Still paywalled for now)
If oil prices are tumbling, why is petrol so damn expensive?
Stocks: hold ‘em, fold ‘em, walk away or run?
CEOs trump MPs for profligacy, but at least they’re not wasting our money
Pollies will spend $506m on entitlements in 2015-16 — $2.2m per MP
Would the ALP’s ‘Buffett tax’ put an end to tax-rorting millionaires?
If Greece defaults, it will join an illustrious club of debt welshers (including Australia)
It’s the end of the euro as we know it (and I feel fine)

The truth about running a franchise
Blender wars: Why sellers of stuff are stuffed [If you only click one link on this page click this one. It’s my favourite]
Australia? Japan? Canada? What’s really the best value place to ski?
Masters is the screw up that could hammer Woolworths – and the rest of us
Are Amazon mad? Or mad geniuses?
Is it time to start panicking about China?
Four ways a lower Aussie dollar will make your life better
Why house prices don’t need to be a consistent multiple of income

The New Daily

Babycinos, boutiques impact house prices
Even poor AFL clubs can enjoy finals glory
Forget the big city. We find homes for $12,000
Rising cost of private schools may be driving parents away
Uber’s bait and switch: passengers taken for a ride
Duty free shopping not always the bargain it seems

And here’s a really interesting story about being a freelancer in America. (Which I did not write.) It’s not so lucrative here!

And lastly, the view from my “desk”:

My PA is attentive but not that effective.
My PA is attentive, but not that effective.

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One thought on “Recent work: A compilation of links”

  1. Your article about privatising prisons is correct regarding the danger of using prisons for profit. See examples in USA. However, do you read the Queensland daily newspapers with Court reports? Ipswich daily news tell a different story. No matter what the crime, no matter what the sentence, it ends with “probation” and very little jail time.


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