Budget Day!

I’m in the nation’s capital for the federal Budget! For me, this is like Christmas.

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 9.46.35 am

At 1.30pm I go into Parliament House for the lock-up and start diving into the Budget papers. (Budget paper 2 is the choice of the connoisseur.)

No phones or internet are permitted inside, and once in, you can’t leave until 7.30pm. At that time the Treasurer stands to deliver his Budget speech to the House of Representatives and the Budget is finally public.

I’ll be writing for The New Daily, a free news website with its head office in Melbourne. Hopefully by 8pm my stories will be published on their website. ( And hopefully, the government’s promise of a “dull” budget will be another promise on the scrap-heap!)

Until that time, please check out these two pieces of pre-budget coverage I have had published in other places.

A “Fantasy Budget” I wrote for Crikey.

A very simple Budget explainer I wrote for The New Daily

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