How this blog is going

This blog is going gangbusters!

Here’s a chart of readership the first time I launched the blog, in 2009 vs this time around.

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 2.40.38 pm

You can see that with improved social media reach, improved writing skills and a more focused set of topics, I’m now doing a better job.

I’ve obliterated my record for most hits in one day twice (when the Guardian printed my story during January, sending waves of traffic in; then again when I wrote this wildly popular story about Bunnings ) . As 2014 picks up, I’m hopeful blog traffic will continue to surge.

Compared to the Fin Review, I’m pretty sure my least-read stories are getting more attention, although the best-read ones are still probably falling short of the impact I used to have in a national newspaper.

My only complaint so far is a notable decline in the number of comments per visitor compared to 2009/10. There’s thousands of you – please comment more! Plenty of the feedback comes via facebook, twitter, etc, but I’d really like this to be more of a forum.


People sometimes ask me how much money I make from this blog. To which I answer: “The blog is an absolute delight. I love it.”

It is possible to host ads on websites. I am aware of that. Wordpress has an opt-in program called WordAds that I could share the upside of.

Is it worth it? Here’s a quote from their blog.

“We now have more than 10 thousand sites running WordAds with around 1 billion ad impressions per month, and we will be paying out around $1 million to WordAds publishers in 2013.

There’s enough information to make the upside clear:

When a billion ad impressions earn bloggers a million dollars, each ad impression is worth one-thousandth of a cent, on average. WordPress is not as generous as Blogspot.

When ten thousand sites get a million dollars between them, the average blog gets $100 a year. And the distribution will be a classic long tail scenario.

I read about a site that got 30,000 views in three weeks and made $2.39. Let’s just say I’m still building up to getting 30,000 views in three weeks.

So that’s why this blog has no ads – it’s not worth annoying you, dear reader! And you are important to me.

That’s all I wanted to say. Thanks a lot for reading. I intend to keep writing, every day. If you can do one thing for me, it’s to tell your friends about this blog!

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Thomas the Think Engine is the blog of a trained economist. It comes to you from Melbourne Australia.

2 thoughts on “How this blog is going”

  1. I “found” your blog from the article about ScoMo’s housing idea. I liked it.. you write the way I like to read.. straight to the point and full of ideas to help my thoughts go in sorts of directions (good stimuli).

    I will enjoy reading more of your words in the coming weeks.

    Some advice from a marketer.. put your face out there.. no matter what it looks like :-p


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