My economic philosophy

  1. Free markets are the best way to allocate scarce resources.
  2. Markets need to be free of market failures – not just free from stifling regulation – to work best.
  3. Allocating scarce resources is not the only function of a society.

I think this leaves me fairly centrist and offers loads of wriggle room on individual topics. There is lots of opportunity for you to point out areas in which I show cognitive dissonance.

I aim to be open minded. This is me writing in 2009:

“…cohesiveness is unconvincing, and certainty is a sign of weakness.”

I  think certainty is a kind of extremism. (secret: I sometimes overstate things merely to increase engagement. I’ve learned something from Andrew Bolt.)

Neither do I claim to know or understand everything in the field of economics. My formal education in the topic ended without an honours year (I was offered a job at Treasury and didn’t give continuing education a second thought). I’m open to hearing about any and all data and theory that might set me on the right track.

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Thomas the Think Engine is the blog of a trained economist. It comes to you from Melbourne Australia.

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