What have I been up to?

What follows is a snapshot of my work over the last three years at the nation’s best finance paper:

All these stories are out from behind the famously high AFR paywall, so click freely!

Antimetabole – a language trap

Treasury Island – Nauru (6000 words – not only my longest but my best story ever)

How being wrong perpetuates itself

Game Theory and the labor leadership

Five reasons for an economic rationalist to vote Green

How the romance of trains trumps the practicality of buses, and why that’s bad

Skiing Salt Lake City

The 96 tram is an economic powerhouse

Leak highlights losses for Pie Face

How New Zealand is beating us to the next wool bonanza (magazine feature)

Learning second languages in school is a waste of effort and practically impossible anyway

Journalists in Australia retain copyright to their work, but it only applies to replication in books. When that clause was written, I bet there was no other way to reproduce a newspaper story. Now in the internet age, the newspaper’s power is much higher.  Sadly, hat means I can’t post any work from the paper directly to the blog.

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