Rudimentary: An arts graduate’s adventures in Real Work.

heavy and covered in spiders
Found object : 40kg of granite

mixing plywood and pine, just like the pros.
A thought… Coffee Table?
Measure twice, cut once
Advanced Calculus
There's no shame in admitting you have much to learn
Thanks google.
"When the wind is southerly, I know a hawk from a handsaw"
Those lumps of wood were quaking in their boots.
Also note the brackets, bought at the last minute from the hardware store.
There will be sawdust
oh oh, I'm a working class man
Cold Chisel.
OMFG, almost perfect.
Near enough to flat…
screw this!
Brackets were multiplying.
I was surprised, but my girlfriend as flabbergasted that this actually worked.
And it bore the weight on its shoulders
It's rustic. very much rustic.

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Thomas the Think Engine is the blog of a trained economist. It comes to you from Melbourne Australia.

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