First Anniversary!

One year ago today, the blog published its first real post:

Since then it has been through an array of theme changes, and the header photo has cycled through various options:

Before settling back on this one.

You can see a strong preference for trains.

The most significant event in  TTTE’s twelve month history was the commencement of a fully-fledged bipartite writing strategy. In the first six months I wrote 97 pieces and James wrote 4. In the second six months I wrote 46 and James wrote 51. This collaboration spurred us to ever greater heights, as this graph of our monthly blog statistics shows:

Epic growth since the start of 2010! (nb. if June looks low that’s only because it isn’t over)

Here are our most popular few articles:

The Home Page …… 7,715 hits
A new model for urban water pricing ……. 525 hits
You are now boarding the Singapore line ……. 508 hits
Eight things I don’t miss about the public service ……475 hits
the About page…….. 463 hits

The most commented article is a tie between Myki vs Free PT and Riders rights and responsibilties with 24.

We get 3.62318 comments per article.  It feels good to have people engage, so I want to give awards to some of the regular commenters:

Most comments: 1. Clown2 with 37

2. Riccardo with 33

3. Puffin Fresh with 24

Longest comment: No contest.  Riccardo by a thesis.  ;)

First ever comment: Torz.  May 31, 2009.

Congratulations to the winners and thanks heaps to everyone who has ever commented.  We love youse all (except the spammers).

The blog has also contributed to some changes in the professional circumstances of one the authors:  I recently got a new job based at least partly on what I’ve done here.  Which may constrain my capacity to post great volumes in the future, but I’ll certainly do my best to stay active.

The blog has been a source of great enjoyment and happiness and is never a burden.  I fully endorse getting one.

Thanks for reading!

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