Please sir, can I have some more?

Tell me what you think about what I ate this week.  I aspire to perfect nutritional harmony, 3 serves of fruit and 5 of vegetables, raw food and ethical choices.  As you’ll see I have an aspiration-consumption dichotomy (ACD).

But I swear it’s not a standard week.  I boozed more than normal, and the impetus for starting to record everything was eating so much on Monday night that I felt ill.  On the other hand there’s some evidence the process might have kept snacking in check…



Coffee with milk 350 Kilojoules *
Apple and banana 935


Black coffee 10
Spaghetti bolognaise 2000
Chocolate (a few squares of Cadbury’s) 550

Dinner One – at the Qantas Club, farewelling someone.

Two small sausage rolls + sauce 1150
Apple juice 400
Chicken and broccoli soup 1000
Slice of ham and slice of beef 550
Various cheeses 1000

Dinner Two – Thai restaurant on Lygon Street.

Pad thai and pork salad 2800

Additional snacking

Two bites of a choc top ice cream at the movies 400
Completely unnecessary chocolate before bed. 500

Total: 11,645 KJ



Coffee 350
Mandarin (I feel incredibly full after last night’s dinner) 145

Lunch at a cafe round the corner

Tuna steak, served with… 1540
salad, and… 250
a poached egg. 350
Some of my dining companion’s chips and sandwich 900


Banana & pear 900


Carrots, dipped in… 500
Hummus 1000

Dinner at a mate’s house

Crisps 200
Spaghetti Bolognaise 3000
Beer 650

Total: 9,785 KJ



Coffee 350


Banana, pear, kiwifruit 1100
carrots and hummus (this food diary is affecting my snacking behaviour!) 450
Croissant and jam 1000


Steak and mustard 2100
Fried zucchini 500
Peas and Mashed potato 2400

Total: 7,900 KJ


Breakfast – (woke up hungry)

Coffee 350
Apple, banana, pear 1200
Ham, cheese, tomato sandwich 1340


Fried mashed potato and tuna patties  in tomato sauce 3500
Fruit toast with cream cheese 600


Two Anzac bicuits 1100
Roast beef and gravy 2400
Pumpkin and beans 1800

Total: 12,290 KJ



Coffee 350
Flat white at a cafe 300
Banana bread 450


Leftover potato and tuna patties in tomato sauce 3500
Peas 200

Drinks and Dinner in the city

Four James Boags beers and one Kingfisher (all 375 mL) 3300
One gin and tonic 700
Curries, naan, rice 3200
Chips 100

Total: 12,200 KJ



Coffee 350
Two ham, cheese, hummus and tomato toasties 2700


Hamburger with the lot and some chips, at about 5pm 2300
Black coffee 50

Dinner at cheap and cheerful Vietnamese

Noodle soup 1800
Beef from a stirfry 600
One and a half 330 mL Mac’s Hop Rockers Beer 1000

At the pub

5 pots of Carlton Draught while watching a band 2250

Before bed

Vegemite on toast 500
One ginger biscuit 100

Total: 11650 KJ


Breakfast at home, followed by coffee out.

Pancakes with caramelised banana and pineapple.  Maple syrup 1500
Coffee*4 500

Lunch at home

Mandarin 150
Yet another toasted sandwich. 1340

Dinner out for Mothers day

Sardines on rice 1800
Beef on mash 2900
Crumble, icecream and crème caramel 1500
5 glasses of wine 1750

Total: 11440 KJ

Who ate all the pie?

* For restaurant food and unpackaged foods, I googled the the energy values and guessed the weights.  Let me know if any of these look way out of line.

I went on a longish walk and a medium intensity bike ride that each went for an hour.  I’d normally play more sports but I’m a bit hurt.  I weigh 77kg and am 178cm tall.

Am I headed for an early grave? Help!

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3 thoughts on “Please sir, can I have some more?”

  1. You’re not doing too badly at all. There’s a lot of fruit in your diet, that’s really good and vegies too. So there’s plenty of nutrition. I reckon just cut down on the boozing. Give yourself a limit (say 3 drinks for the week) and stick to it. It’s the socialising that’s the hard bit – I challenge you to create a new social paradigm based on mineral water and salad rather than boozing and curry or Sunday roast and pudding and sherry. (And invite me along to the TTTE paradigm ’cause I need a bit of a health kick just now …)


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