iSnack Two Point – Oh dear…

The Kraft company has released a new Vegemite product made of cream cheese and Vegemite.

The product is a high-risk variation on the classic Vegemite recipe – a Vegemite you keep in the fridge. Apparently items kept in the fridge get used more than things in the cupboard, so this creamy new guy should improve sales!

To improve awareness, Kraft ran a competition to name the new product. And the result they chose from thousands of entries?

My lord.

Ignore that it’s not a snack in and of itself. Ignore the potential copyright suits; irrelevant references to electronic products; and how a) nerdy and b) out of date the term Web 2.0 is. Just consider the impact on this proud Australian song:

I said, ‘do you speak-a my language?’
She just smiled and gave me an iSnack 2.0 Sandwich…

I know what you’re thinking: Where has the magic gone?  Where has it gone to?

Although I was already unhappy, I wanted this to be a balanced review, so I went and purchased some iSnack 2.0. It was $2.99 for 145 grams at Woolworths.

I put it on toast. It felt very odd applying Vegemite without an intervening layer of yellow fat.


Bravely, I bit it. It tastes somewhat like Vegemite, but slightly sweet. Overall, not as disappointing as I had prepared myself for, but not worth eating.

Here’s what they should have called it:  I Can’t Believe It’s Not Better.

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4 thoughts on “iSnack Two Point – Oh dear…”

  1. Like razor says, people have been mixing cheese and vege for years. But not cream cheese – it’s unAustralian. So this is a way for them to increase sales of Kraft Philly as well. Kraft want people to try and replicate the product in their home.
    How could such a big company get it so wrong?


  2. although, 2 articles in the age today about it, mass publicity (via this blog and others) has got the – I think deliberately ridiculous – name all over everything! “News” coverage is free advertising, right?
    This will give a spike in people wanting to at least try it (like our fearless correspondent TtTE), and they’ll change the name to Cheesymite once people are hooked on it, or are buying philly to DIY.

    That’s my guess. otherwise, worst marketing move ever…


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