Little Red do ACDC’s ‘Long Way to the Top’

Little Red are a Melbourne doo-wop quintet.

They have more harmonies than a Boy’s choir, more 50’s rock moves than a pair of leather pants, and more eastern suburbs private-school heritage than you can shake a black blazer with scarlet piping at. You could accuse them of overbearing ‘whiteness‘ but the band in fact comprises a Japanese dude and a Vietnamese dude too.

In June, I saw them play at the Hifi bar in Melbourne, and they rocked the socks of everyone who was present. I didn’t even wear socks (I prefer to rock/run/rub a pair of boat shoes at gigs), and I came home to find my sock drawer upside down. True story.

Enough bollocks, click the link, and enjoy the magic of young middle-class people adopting a black American musical style to effect the best version of a working class song from their own home town you’re ever likely to see on this blog.*

*note to readers: if necessary, disregard the mocking tone of the above. I am genuinely enthused by this band and their cover version.

no, seriously.

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