A ‘greatest hits’ compilation

Because it’s never too soon to have a self-indulgent retrospective.

From the WordPress statistics page.  Hits per article, from most-read, to mostly ignored…

About _____________________________________112
Coffee Safari ________________________________77
Inglourious Basterds – a review ____________________72
Mt Hotham – a book review _______________________62
Travel Disasters – the rat. _________________________62 **
In which your correspondent is horrified ______________55
Fairtrade _____________________________________52
Accents eh, bro? ________________________________51
Travel disasters ________________________________50
Costco – A review _______________________________49
Keeping a lid on it? _____________________________47
Intelligent delivery? ____________________________45
Something-something and over it _________________44
Garbledy-gook _______________________________41
Are we dense? ________________________________38
The Best of all Time ___________________________37
America’s guns _______________________________35
A new multi-part series _________________________35
Berkeley – A good place to cycle ___________________33
Regrets, I’ve had a few _________________________32
lolcats: threat or menace? _______________________31 ^
Snowclones _________________________________30
Hello, Aliens! ________________________________30
Unsafe is Safe? _______________________________30
Lost in Translation ____________________________30
Pareidolia on toast ____________________________29
Dumbocracy ________________________________27
This train is about to depart… ____________________26
Godwin Grech and political spin __________________24
Because Food Miles Don’t Go Far Enough. ___________23
A New Kind of Humility ________________________21
Do copulating puppets shock? ____________________21
With great power comes great responsibility__________21
How about this weather, eh! _____________________20
Slumdog Millionaire: A Review Overview ____________19
Verbing weirds language. ________________ ______18
On Naivety _________________________________17
Don’t like the law? Leave._______________________17
Futurology __________________________________17
Vigilantes __________________________________14
Out for the count______________________________14
Twitter! Huh! What is it good for? _________________10
More Micronations! ___________________________8#
Fancy food __________________________________7
The RACV and the Aston Martin___________________7*
bikesnobnyc _________________________________2

** nb. Some readers may not have read the full 1900 words.

^ Most overrated  – this one inspired a phone call from an unnamed reader who advised me ‘Be less…average!’

# Unfairly ignored in my humble opinion.

* Removed due to overwhelming popular demand!

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2 thoughts on “A ‘greatest hits’ compilation”

  1. Also, come and attend a timeshare presentation with me. We can write it up and compare it to my experiences in Vegas. Excursions with me result in highest-ever ratings.


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