Krugman – what’s wrong with economics

I studied economics.  Then I worked at Treasury.  So I should know about economics.  But instead I find it confusing.

There are two types of things I find confusing, normally.  One: things that are complicated.  The other: things that don’t make sense.

Fortunately, Paul Krugman has just written an article in the New York Times which confirms what I hoped.  Turns out large parts of economics don’t make sense! Krugman has good evidence for how ridiculous some economic theory is, in the form of the financial and economic crises we’re having.

This makes me feel heaps better about not getting it. The article goes through some of the biggest, dumbest ideas in contemporary economics and calmly explodes them. Continue reading Krugman – what’s wrong with economics


I lived in China for about 9 months in 2003.  Before I went, I was familiar with chopsticks.  I knew how to use them and I appreciated their novelty.  I got compliments from the locals.  Ni hui yong kuaizi! (You can use chopsticks!)

But I firmly believed that chopsticks were a rudimentary way to eat food.   Chopsticks, I would have told you, were to cutlery as the horse drawn cart is to the car.  I thought the Chinese just hadn’t invented the knife and fork.

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Confession time

When I have a little time on my hands, I play Scrabble.   I do not play in real life, because my insistence on the status of words like taeniae, st, and yin makes me unpleasant to normal people.

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